Pertinent 10.5% IGR Feed-thru

Your solution for the control of Horn flies in
cow-calf and pasture cattle

The Problem

Horn flies are one of the most economically detrimental pests for the cattle industry, with an average of $1.8 billion in economic damages per year. These small, black flies remain on the cattle almost continuously and use their piercing bite to draw blood, which is their only source of food*.Unfortunately, flies have developed resistance against pyrethroids, the active ingredient used in ear tags which is the most common way to control horn flies on pasture cattle.*

The Solution

Pertinent proposes an elegant solution to control horn flies, that should constitute the
cornerstone of any Integrated Pest Management program. Pertinent IGR 10.5% Feed-Thru is a feed-through concentrate containing S-Methoprene, an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), at 10.5% concentration.

The product is incorporated into the cattle mineral supplement and is released in the manure where it breaks the life cycle of insects and prevents adults to develop.

Researchers have shown that 15-30 pounds of extra gain in calves is achieved over the summer when horn flies are controlled, which represents a return of investment when using Pertinent 10.5% IGR of
more than 15:1.

How it works

The compound S-Methoprene breaks the life cycle of insects by preventing eggs, larvae,
and pupae from maturing to the biting adult stage in the life cycle. When the cattle eat feed or lick a tub or block, treated with (S) -Methoprene, the IGR passes through the animal and into the manure, where Horn Flies lay their eggs. Pupae that are exposed to (S) -Methoprene in the
manure cannot develop into biting Adult Flies. It is a Manufacturing Use Product (MP) specially designed for feed mills for formulation into end-use products (Loose Mineral, Blocks, Tubs, Pre-Mix Concentrate).

How it is used

If mineral supplements are provided at 4 oz per day, feed them a formulation that is
0.01% S-Methoprene or 2 lbs. of 10.5% Pertinent IGR 10.5% Feed-Thru for every ton of mineral. If mineral supplements are provided at 2 oz per day, feed a formulation that is 0.02% S- Methoprene or 4 lbs. for every ton of mineral supplement.

No More Horn Flies with NEW Pertinent IGR 10.5% Feed-Thru Fly Control

IGR feed-through for cattle
Our powerful 10.5% formulation of S-Methoprene acts as an Insect Growth Regulator in the cow manure to prevent the breeding of horn flies. It provides the same level of efficacy as the main competitor, but at a lower cost.
  • Contains the powerful S-Methoprene, an Insect Growth Regulator preventing the breeding of horn flies
  • Provides the same level of control as the main competitor, but at a lower cost
  • Easy to distribute in feed, no need to round up cattle
  • A treatment with S-Methoprene can typically improve cattle weight gain by 15%

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Our 10.5% IGR is a great option for feed mills and must be mixed by the ton of mineral supplements. 
We are looking forward to expanding our offering to provide options for more types of operations!

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